What are the qualifications of your development staff?

We have 25% Senior and 45% Middle and Middle strong staff in the company.
45%+ with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.
55%+ with certifications in Microsoft, AWS and ISTQB.
We’ve established an internal education hub – CB Academy, where we share knowledge by conducting 1-2 tech/non-tech talks per week.

What technologies are you specialized in?

Our core stack:
Back-end – PHP, Node.js, Python.
Front-end – React, Next, Bootstrap.
Mobile Native – with Kotlin, Swift.
Mobile Cross-Platform – with React Native, Flutter.

What does your pricing structure look like? Do you have a minimum price for projects?

We usually allocate a team per project who delivers results. We advise our customers what the best combination of price/value would be in a particular situation.
We usually set prices based on team composition. Price depends on which (full-time, part-time) and how many developers go into the team, whether we have a quality assurance engineer, a project manager and UI/UX designers on board. We use the estimated hourly rate of allocated team members which is defined by their skill level.
As for the minimum price for the project we usually launch ones starting from 10-15k.

Describe a typical web design and development workflow at your agency.

At CyberBEAK we practice an Acceptance criteria approach which means we build very detailed requirements that are approved by a client prior to the start of development. The approach is used to avoid reworks or miscommunications on delivery. This way is proved to be time and cost-effective for our clients. Experts you will meet in a team:
– Project Manager orchestrates everything;
– Quality Assurance engineer, Business Analyst work on requirements and testing of the product;
– Developers (front-end/back-end) build the code;
– Designers draw UI/UX design according to the project roadmap.
95%+ of our projects are done using Agile approach. We use Jira for project management and internal best practices of delivery which we formed into our Delivery Approach (we’ll tell more on a call).

How do you communicate during the project?

There are several levels of communication when we are collaborating.
1. Communication daily. You usually talk with the Project Manager or Team Lead on the project, or both. Plus, you have access to all of the team members if needed — dependingbusiness-oriented on the project specifics. We will advise what would be the best communication strategy to make it efficient for both sides.
2. Delivery manager. Escalation point for you on the delivery side. If you have issues on the delivery side, you can talk with the Delivery manager who is superior to the project manager.
3. Account manager. Escalation point for you on the business side Liubomyr. Same as previous but business oriented talks.

What is an approximate lead time for the right fit team member (developer, designer or test engineer)?

CyberBEAK recruitment team provides appropriate candidates within a period of 1-3 weeks. We search for the best-fit profiles according to clients’ expectations and requirements. Candidate pool at CyberBEAK is currently 3000 engineers. 74.4% of candidates accept offers for work at the company.

What is your core focus in terms of geography?

CyberBEAK provides services for businesses around the globe. Countries to which we deliver are the USA, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Australia, Canada and Netherlands.

Do your staff engineers go to other countries?

Yes, CyberBEAK is ready to discuss this option. Please, feel in the request form to contact us, so we can check the actual availability for such a cooperation opportunity.

How does Inoxoft differ from other outsourcing companies?

We care about knowledge sharing and motivation inside the teams as much as about the product quality and client’s business growth.
CyberBEAK has developed its own principles on Delivery which make releases and develop high-level and fully transparent for clients. It is, firstly, Iterative Delivery with demos and regular feedback, two-week iterations, and, secondly, it is Expectation Management with setting a clear understanding of budget, transparent accountability when updates can cause changes in costs, defined clear timelines and discussed risks so that all parties are always on the same page.

Could you provide us with references?

Yes, CyberBEAK has a number of clients who are glad to provide feedback on our collaboration. Please, view the Reviews page with trustful reference interviews from Clutch.